Included compiled shaders

  • Chris Hodapp

    Chris Hodapp - 2009-03-27

    I just compiled Pixie v2.2.5 from source and came upon errors like this anytime I'd try to run simple examples:

    ./polygon.rib (6): Error in shader "/usr/local/shaders/ambientlight.sdr" (0) ("syntax error") (v2.2.5)
    ./polygon.rib (6): Failed to find shader "ambientlight"

    I eventually went into /usr/local/shaders, deleted all .sdr files, and recompiled with sdrc. The errors promptly went away.
    Upon further examination, it looks like all the compiled shaders included in the source tree have CR/LF for line endings, while there is only CR if I run them through 'sdrc' myself.

    • Chris Hodapp

      Chris Hodapp - 2009-03-27

      Ignore this. I did not mean to post twice. I hit Refresh by mistake.


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