displayStart/Data/Finish in C?

Paul Duffy
  • Paul Duffy

    Paul Duffy - 2003-09-15

    Can anyone gove me an example of how to use the display commands with the C language?

    I've managed to get a display window up (with framebuffer.so) but I'm not sure I'm using displayStart correctly and I'm not sure what a 'transparent display handler' is or how to use it with displayData (or what is expected for 'float *data').

    Erm, I'm a bit new to all this.

    regards, Paul

    • Okan Arikan

      Okan Arikan - 2003-09-17

         Hi Paul,

         Are you trying to use "framebuffer" from your C program ? If you are, you should probably check output.cpp which handles interactions with the display drivers.


      • Steven Caron

        Steven Caron - 2007-02-08

        i need to revive this thread because i am trying to display the result of pixie in another application. this other app provides a framework to put fragments into its viewers. i just need to decide the best way to get pixie image fragment into the application.

        obviously a display driver could do the job but i am interested in just highjacking RI_FRAMEBUFFER and just pushing that to my app. and also choosing to NOT display the framebuffer window cause i would already be displaying it...

        is this possible? or do i need to make a display driver?

        also is "origin" parameter available yet? doesnt look to be

        RiDisplay (char *name, RtToken type, RtToken mode, ...)

    • Paul Duffy

      Paul Duffy - 2003-09-17

      TBH, I'm not that well versed in C or C++ to be able to make head nor tail of output.cpp.

      What I'm trying to do is incorporate framebuffer.so using the displayStart, displayData and displayFinish functions as described in 'Display Drivers' in the documentation but I don't know what parameters to pass to the functions themselves (especially void *im and float* data in displayData).

      Right now I'm just using the basic examples from The Renderman Companion and trying to get the image onscreen rather than saved to a tiff.

    • Okan Arikan

      Okan Arikan - 2003-09-17

         Hi Paul,

         If you want to display the image, you need to use:

         Display "..." "framebuffer" "..."
         (or RiDisplay(...,RI_FRAMEBUFFER,...,RI_NULL) in C)

      instead of

         Display "..." "file" "..."



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