A thought for New Year

  • MaxG

    MaxG - 2005-12-31

    It would be nice if 2006 would carried new tools pack:

                 Pixie Artists Tools

    A new Rib/SL text-editor (like Cutter), Slim2Rsl/Rsl2Slim converter, Baking Illumination Tool (like BakeAir), Image converter (pixie format<->all formats), Shader visual-editor (like Shaderman)... ;)

    Happy New Year to Okan, George and all Pixie Community!!!


    • Okan Arikan

      Okan Arikan - 2005-12-31

          Wonderful suggestions, we're already thinking about creating a "baking" tool, but we were not thinking this broadly.

          It would be very nice if we could distribute all these tools in one package.

          Happy new year to everyone ...


      • MaxG

        MaxG - 2006-01-01

        Good News Okan!

        I think Bake Tools are goods to speed-up the distribution of Pixie.
        I hope to see them as soon as possible!

        Have a prosperous and fulfilling year,


    • Dao Hung Huynh

      Dao Hung Huynh - 2006-01-01

      Happy New Year :)

    • AKHmetgaleev ILdar

      I can share my own Blender->RenderMan exporter

    • MaxG

      MaxG - 2006-01-04

      Good help, akhilman :)
      Where does it find your blender exporter?


    • AKHmetgaleev ILdar

      That's it:
      Forum thread:

      Require CGKit2 and Blender-2.40
      look content/YATeapot to pixie example

      feel free to mail me.


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