• Dao Hung Huynh

    Dao Hung Huynh - 2005-07-07


    I have seen that there is an old example 1 that used the irradiancecache function. But when I tried it, the renderer informs it does not know this function. Was the function already implemented in the early versions?

    • George Harker

      George Harker - 2005-07-07

      The Irradiancecache() function is designed to store values in the irradiancecache.  We don't currently support it, but then Pixie has the ability to generate the irradiancecache from a photonmap on the fly, and to save that result so it can be read back in a more smooth form for a final render.

      I'll look at adding it, as it does allow some interesting / more complex effects to be created - though for normal global illumination usage, it's not needed.

      I'm going to write up a global illumination howto that will go through the various techniques you can use.




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