mohan l - 2009-11-12

Its really great to have pixie as a free renderman complaint for linux.. You guys are doing great job..

I have a query regarding pixie.

I am using blender and mosaic to render things to pixie. I got hold of some aspects of pixie. Like GI thing, AO and others, using Mosaic's inbuilt surface shader as the shader for all my materials in the scene. GI is achieved by specifying some parameters in mosaic surface shader. But mosaic surface shader is slow. Hence i used pixie's matte shader, plastic shader. But it turns out with some weired artifacts.. (Totally useless) Is there any problem with those shaders provided by pixie? But some shaders work but as there is no parameter to set in that shader regarding GI i am not able to render with GI.. I am totally clueless..