Dithering and displays

  • Raphael Sebbe

    Raphael Sebbe - 2009-05-18

    Hi there,

    can we further discuss dithering,a s Roine suggested in the Dev List? Now what I observe is that it is all happening in the various displays (file, framebuffer). My understanding is that my app (which implements a custom display BTW) shouldn't have to handle that itself to generate the image, but should instead receive an image dithered according to the executed RiCalls.

    Do you have any arguments for keeping dithering/quantize/etc. in the display instead of in the renderer itself?

    Thank you,


    • Raphael Sebbe

      Raphael Sebbe - 2009-05-24

      Does anybody have an opinion about this, or am I the only one?



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