FLTK_GL configure bugs

  • Randolf Schultz

    Randolf Schultz - 2008-05-01


    there are two fltk-gl related bugs in Pixie:
    If the --with-fltk-config option is given a directory, the fltk configure
    tests fail but no warning is shown at the end, show and gui are
    built happily, but when show is then run, the error
    "OpenGL wrapper not found" appears.
    The tests for fltk-gl always use the static fltk link flags due to
    a bug in the configure script. See line 140 in
    STATIC_FLTK is given the value "true" or "false", but the test in
    line 143 checks for "no"!

    This is a problem on my Debian4.0 system, where the
    --ldstaticflags option of fltk-config mysteriously includes
    a -lXft -lXinerama which makes the linking of the test
    program _fail_ (config.log says ld failed to find -lXft)
    and Pixie configure then does not recognize fltk at all.

    best regards,
    http://www.ayam3d.org/    Where import means NURBS!

    • Okan Arikan

      Okan Arikan - 2008-05-03

         Thanks Randolf,

         I think I fixed the second problem and I am trying to replicate the first one. Unfortunately, I'm having trouble on my MAC with this. I recently moved and have no access to my Windoze box yet either. So this will take some time. Sorry about the delay.

         Incidentally, what do you (as community) think about switching FLTK with QT for OpenGL/other UI? FLTK requires X on OSX. Ot would make everything native.


    • Randolf Schultz

      Randolf Schultz - 2008-05-03

      Hello Okan,

      no need to hurry. :)
      To replicate the first case, just try
      ./configure --with-fltk-config=/usr/bin

      I know that this input is wrong, but the error is not
      catched/announced properly and the build may then
      be broken in a very hard to diagnose way. On my
      system I got a "show" and "gui" but they did not
      work. All questions a Pixie build knowledgeable
      person might have asked would not lead to the
      detection of the root of the problem. Like: did you
      get configure errors, did show build, does it load
      gui etc.

      As for your second question: go with whatever
      does not require too much additional dependencies
      as they are potential points of failure and you
      do not have full control...
      As for MacOSX, please refrain from anything
      based on fink (just my personal view and my
      way of keeping the Ayam build clean from
      dependencies a potential user would probably
      not be able to/want to install).

      best regards,
      http://www.ayam3d.org/    Ayam, NURBS modelling for everyone.


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