SSS with Pixie...WOW! Take a look here...

  • MM

    MM - 2007-08-01

    Using the image light method (with bake as posted before).
    First result...:

    I'll update the post as we have new images.

    Thanks for Pixie!

    • MM

      MM - 2007-08-03

      Update...take a look:

      Anyway I have notice about some crashes. I'm trying to "isolate" the minimum example to show you the problem, but it's hard, because it's random.

      It seem that put the 3 steps in one rib, using frames trick, make it crashable. Calling separately the files, by  hand, seem to work...



    • MM

      MM - 2007-09-20
      • George Harker

        George Harker - 2007-09-20

        very nice.  Feel free to post some on the wiki too if you like.



        • MM

          MM - 2007-09-21

          Thx...but I'm waiting the final results. These are only quick will see :-D...
          I must realize a gallery for too, so we can share the best pictures.
          (In meantime, can you investigate about displacement crash?)


          • George Harker

            George Harker - 2007-09-21

            absolutely. I'm looking into it - but I'm not quite sure what the cause is yet.



            • MM

              MM - 2007-09-25

              Thanks for Pixie!!!!!
              Using it we have nearly reached a photorealistic level of the rendering, please, TAKE A LOOK:


              It's WIP (workin on hairs, eyelashes, etc...), but anyway it's a good result, imho...

              About bug: have you reproduced it on your machine?


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