Reviving Pixie

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  • Alex

    Alex - 2010-05-14

    I'm aware SF has Git and Mercurial support, but you need to be a project admin to enable it. Since this is a "revival" thread, it seemed to me that the original maintainers are no longer available for such maintenance. If they are, great.

  • Alex

    Alex - 2010-05-14

    In addition to that, while SF can host (or mirror) a Git repo, it doesn't allow for users to make publish their own forks for easy pulling among contributors (unless every user makes a new SF project). GitHub encourages forks and is designed precisely for it. And the nature of being distributed allows a repository hosted elsewhere to be synchronised with any other, irrespective of whether it's on SF or GitHub or another host.

    So even if someone makes a (personal) fork to github, the original maintainers can still enable Git on SF and later pull from it.

    I personally think there is a lot of value to be added by allowing a Git repo - the main point being free experimentation without needing central repository access. (I.e. everyone can have their own github fork). Suppose a user wants to experiment on his/her own branch under the current SVN model. They need write access to the central repo, and need to make a global branch that everyone has to see (which may conflict with someone else's branch). In order to make such a branch and get write access, they need to be able to coordinate with the project maintainers, which as we've seen aren't terribly active.

    And the best changesets/repos will find their way to the "official" one, whatever that may be.

    I will probably make a github fork just to show that it can be done will little effort that anyone can clone from.

  • Raphael Sebbe

    Raphael Sebbe - 2010-05-14

    scorp007, I agree with your thoughts on hg/git thing, Pixie will be able to evolve better in such an environment (more experiments, testing, new ideas, patches…). Lots of great projects are moving either to bitbucket (I know that well), or github (don't know very well that one).

    This is not about moving the project to some other place for no reason, this is about making collaboration more effective.

    It'd be great to obtain approval of original/current maintainer. Okan, others, could you give your thoughts on this? Thx

  • Alex

    Alex - 2010-05-14

    I've created a git mirror of the SVN repo at github with full history (dating back to 2006). Feel free to clone, etc. (No branches/tags unfortunately)

  • Alex

    Alex - 2010-05-14

    Also note that the git repo is 13 MB, compared to an approx ~450 MB checkout from SVN.

  • Eibriel

    Eibriel - 2010-05-19

    scorp007, anybody can add code to Pixie, adding them to the Patch Track here, I'll add it to the "Eibriel" SVN branch.

    Good work,
    Best regards!

  • Alex

    Alex - 2010-05-19

    I'm sorry but adding patches to the tracker isn't my idea of good version control. Git lets me make as many (private) branches as I wish and push changesets selectively when I'm ready to publish. Of course, I can make patches of my changes from git and submit them to be applied to SVN, but it's much more flexible to synchronize with git repositories directly.

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