Speed Comparison to say 3Delight ...

  • ggaliens

    ggaliens - 2007-11-19

    Speed Comparison to say 3Delight ...

    If I had a 1024x1024 charatcter with greenmarble vertex based shader (weighted per vertex) and also a IDBubbly shader weighted per vertex, and Shadows and a couple lights ...

    I can get this file to render in maybe 6 minutes in 3Delight.

    Seems more like 120 minutes in PIXIE.

    Does this finding seem reasonable ????

    Ultimately, I can share the RIB file. I think it has some non-critical errors that could be causing some problems.

    • George Harker

      George Harker - 2007-11-19

      Hi there,

      No it doesn't seem reasonable.  But we believe there were issues handling displacements in the last release which will be fixed in the next release (very soon).

      As always, if you're prepared to share a test rib / shader set = even if it's just directly to the developers, it helps us improve pixie.



    • ggaliens

      ggaliens - 2007-11-20

      OK ... I'll do some more work to get a somewhat valid RIB set created.

      I'm still learning more about what directives are supported by all my favorite RIB renderers.

      Once I get this ... I can share it as a ZIP file.

      I saw some nice images in your gallery and one of them said "7 minutes". So sounded pretty good to me considering the nice lighting and shadows and other affects.

    • ggaliens

      ggaliens - 2007-11-25

      Here's a render I've set up in Wings3D/Ribbit to export to RIB/PIXIE ...
      I've had fun making this work ...


      • George Harker

        George Harker - 2007-11-27

        Thanks for posting your image!  How did the speed comparison work out for you, and did you have to alter much for Pixie.



    • ggaliens

      ggaliens - 2007-11-28

      The speed comparision I don't want to comment on too much until I provide the RIB files.
      There is probably a reasonable chance you can coach me though some RIB authoring problems that when fixed would lessen the disparity between render times.

      I was very happy that the RESULTS quality wise looked very similar. I guess they are supposed to since it RenderMan standard based.

      I sorta wanted to take a look at what is causing some of the warnings before I sent you a link to the RIBS.


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