daddysauce - 2010-04-22

As a user of 3delight for a while now (2006) i wanted to get a perspective/ideas from users of pixie on what to expect. I've got a small render farm in place and am interested in going down the pixie route with it (3delight is real nice to use, but you get one computer license free - so limited with setting up a renderfarm). I've downloaded and installed pixie - which was simple to install. i did get issue with 2.6 but 2.2.5 installed and works just fine. So at the moment I'm trying to work out how to compile maya for liquid (if anybody can assist me with that, it would be ace!) then move onto working out the network rendering setup. I'm guessing its not going to be too different to how it is in 3delight?   cheers luke

vital stats maya 2008 on XP64, SP2