Finally started to use 2.1.1

  • animate1978

    animate1978 - 2007-05-07

    I haven't upgraded since 1.6.2 mainly because Maya 6 and Liquid (for that version) can't use anything higher, but I decided to bite the bullet and install the latest version - and hat's off to you guys!! I am utterly amazed and in awe, I totally love it! I did a quick test to see if speed was increased.... I had a fully ray traced teapot just resting on a plane, no atmosphere or sky, but either way I visibly noticed a huge increase in speed - and this was a 1600x1200 image!! Kudos and congrats guys, great job!

    • Okan Arikan

      Okan Arikan - 2007-05-07

          Thank you Animate,

          The constructive feedback and contribution of Pixie community has a big part in this evolution. We will keep on improving Pixie.



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