Z-depth value

  • Cedric PAILLE

    Cedric PAILLE - 2007-11-16

    Hi, when I try to render an image using :

    Display "../Camera.tif" "tiff" "rgbaz"
    Quantize "z" 65535 0 65535 0.5

    Pixie tells:

    TIFFOpen: _z../Camera.tif: Cannot open.

    Ok, I remove "../", it works (easy to fix, I presume), but the Z value is always 32 bits float values intead of 16bits and only Z is exported. So, I do :

    Display "Camera.tif" "tiff" "rgba"
    Display "+Camera_z.tif" "tiff" "z"
    Quantize "z" 65535 0 65535 0.5

    And 2 files are generated, but Z is always 32 bits float.

    Where am I wrong ?


    • Okan Arikan

      Okan Arikan - 2007-11-16

         Hi Cedric,

         This is true, Pixie does not do quantization on depth values. I may be wrong, but this was consistent with PrMan when this decision was made.


    • Cedric PAILLE

      Cedric PAILLE - 2008-01-14

      Changing this behaviour is really easy I just had to tweak the file display module, is there a chance you add this feature in Pixie ?


    • Cedric PAILLE

      Cedric PAILLE - 2008-01-17


      Saw the change in SVN, thank Okan.



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