Who Are You ???

  • Okan Arikan

    Okan Arikan - 2004-12-13

       Dear Pixie users,

       In order to increase the exposure of Pixie I am trying to find who is using Pixie for what.  I would really appreciate hearing from what academic / industrial institution you're from and your experiences with Pixie.

       Please remember that your input will influence other people to use Pixie and will develop a bigger user base which will in turn result in a better free and open source software.

       Thank you,

       Okan Arikan

    • Eliot Mack

      Eliot Mack - 2004-12-28

      Name-Eliot Mack
      Usage-mostly technology tests right now. Looking at several solutions to do good architectural walkthrough-type animations. I'm waiting a bit for good RMan bridges to exist for C4D, Blender, or XSI before I do anything more elaborate.

    • Benjamin L. Diedrich

      Name - Ben Diedrich
      Employer - National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
      Usage - My office plans new space missions to meet NOAA's requirements for space-based observations and services. I use Pixie and Ayam for visualizing solar sail spacecraft, which are the focus of my work. Because solar sails are mirrors, the ray tracing capabilities of Pixie are critical to realistic rendering. I used BMRT previously, and I've found Pixie to be an excellent replacement.

    • Joseph Montanez

      Joseph Montanez - 2005-01-25

      Name- Joseph Montanez
      Work -  Going into the army
      Usage - Haing fun with pixie.... I would love to update Blenderman (still works with the lastest blender release) some more but I lack the knowlege of radiosity and GI... I would love to create more art, just have the biggest block ever(since october!). Pixie is awsome and bug are being smash just about every week.

    • Evan

      Evan - 2005-02-01

      Name- Evan Hallein
      Work- Scientific Visualisation/Animation at the Centre for Astropyhsics and Supercomputing, Swinburne University.

      Usage - create volumetic, realistic galaxies and related animations for a show to be shown on the 8 screened Virtual Reality exhibit called "The Virtual Room" at the Melbourne Museum.

    • Benjamin Tolputt

      Name- Benjamin Tolputt
      Work- Software Development (many areas)

      Usage - rendering of scenes exported from software packages such as Poser. Working on a network rendering back-end utilising Pixie for a studio interested in "long-term" low cost solutions (current 3Delight "free license" ends in March!)

    • MaxG

      MaxG - 2005-02-02

      Name - Massimiliano Guastafierro
      Work - Graphic Design
      Usage - Realistic rendering, visualization, animations, games, interfaces, digital content creation.

    • jaiH

      jaiH - 2005-02-12

      Name - Jai Hall
      Work - Visual Artist
      Usage - rendering procedurally created geometry, using RIB/Pixie as high-quality way of archiving realtime opengl visualizations based on music.
      Interest - physical based modelling - increased dynamic range images, specifically nighttime scenes of cloudy skies.

    • JasonBelec

      JasonBelec - 2005-08-18

      Name - Jason Belec
      Work - Fuxion Films, Kiss Your Sister Studios, Molcubes
      Usage - Really evaluating Pixie for 3D film and television production, with a lot of help from George Harker
      Interest - all the stuff I thought was cool as a kid, you?

    • Du Jie

      Du Jie - 2005-09-14

      Name - Du Jie
      Work  - Software Development (OpenGL/OpenInventor/CG/RenderMan)
      Usage - Export my CAD project data to rib for rendering. I've tried several renders and find Pixie is cool.  Currently I am porting my old shaders to Pixie and has a plan to enhance my export plugin for Pixie, and make my project more Pixie-oriented. ;-)


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