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  • rendetto

    rendetto - 2007-09-18


    I've tryied to use the

    Option "hider" "radiancecache" [1]

    for GI (off course combined with the appropriate shaders), and got some errors.
    Do radiancecaches still work?

    If they are, it will be really usefull if there is a tutorial like this for point based occlusion.

    Some years ago i've used radiancecaches and got excellent rendering times (and quality), but didn't have an exporter for blender,
    now I have the exporter and I can render with any GI algorithm implemented, but I can't use radiancecaches. So please help.

    Thanks in advance,


    • Okan Arikan

      Okan Arikan - 2007-09-18

         Hi Rendetto,

         We removed the interface for the radiance cache. The new point based GI is supposed to replace that functionality in a much more flexible setting. The source code is still a part of Pixie so you can look at the implementation, but the hooks to the main renderer have been removed.


    • rendetto

      rendetto - 2007-09-19

      Hi Okan,

      I'm very sad to learn that. The radiancecache method was the fasest thing I've ever saw as opensource GI implementation,.
      I've tryied some of my scenes with PBGI but I wasn't satisfied from the quality and rendertimes.

      Off source I'm aware of saying PBGI doesnt do the work, but the radiancecaches were very fast and do really smooth gradients,
      since PBGI is slower and gives some blochiness to the image not seen with radiancecaches (on considerable low quality).

      Please see the images I'm uploading:

      They were created almost 2 years ago. The rendertime of the image without the Ayax model was about 1 min on my 2GHz machine with 1G RAM. The same with Ayax added wasn't rendered much slower. This time is comparable with the fastest commersial renderers.

      Please, if there is a way, add this feature again. It is really valuable.


      P.S. I'll post some more images created using radiancecaches ASAP.

    • George Harker

      George Harker - 2007-11-24

      I can't seem to access you test scenes.  If you could put them up again, it would help us understand the speed issues you're seeing.



    • rendetto

      rendetto - 2007-12-03

      I'm sorry...I changed the provider.
      The file now is at:

      P.S. all files I posted in this forum are at the same IP.

      • George Harker

        George Harker - 2007-12-03

        I'm afraid I can't unpack that.  I'm not sure why (I have an unrar tool).

        Can you re-upload a zip format?



    • rendetto

      rendetto - 2007-12-04

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