Pixie in Siggraph

  • Okan Arikan

    Okan Arikan - 2006-06-11

        Dear Pixie users,

        Blender foundation gratuitously offered us some demo time in Siggraph for showing Pixie off.

        We need volunteers to demo Pixie with Blender - BlenderMan. Unfortunately, neither George nor I are very good with Blender.

        I would also like to ask for any RenderMan scenes that we can use to demo Pixie.

        Pixie needs your help, any contribution is appreciated.


    • AKHmetgaleev ILdar

      I can do some Images. Or even try to finish OpenAdvertisement projectc before show. But I didn't use BlenderMan. I wrote my own exporter. Unfortunately I can't go to siggraph to show my exporter because I don't have so much mony to buy plane ticket. But I can teach someone to use it.

    • JasonBelec

      JasonBelec - 2006-06-15

      I will try to get you some of the stuff we have and are working on through George before Siggraph - what is your deadline?

      Have George email me,


      • Okan Arikan

        Okan Arikan - 2006-06-15

            Thanks Jason,

            Siggraph is the last week of July/first week of August. If you are coming to Siggraph, I would prefer if you did the demo. Otherwise that would be great if you could send whatever you have by mid July, including all the credits.


    • animate1978

      animate1978 - 2006-06-16

      Quick question. I will be more than happy to submit some of my work, but I mostly use Maya to make scenes then export to RIB. Will that be acceptable too? Or do I have to do some conversion to import to Blender and then export again to RIB?


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