How to CREASE all edges ????

  • ggaliens

    ggaliens - 2008-04-13

    How to CREASE all edges  ????

    In a subdivison mesh ???  I'm looking for some kind of shorthand.

    I don't want to have to replicate the "crease" tag a lot for big big meshes. It's has too high an overhead in terms of characters in the final RIB file. Too bulky.

    I can't even think of any iterative or recursive technique for partitioning the mesh into sets of creased edges. The basic size problem is still there.

    • Moritz Moeller

      Moritz Moeller - 2008-04-14

      Tou'd need to write code that wanders the mesh to find the longest possible chain(s) of edges to minimize the number of crease tags. There is no real shorthand that I'm awar of.
      But a "creaseall" tag could be added, I guess. :)



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