PIXIE questions for developers

  • Igor

    Igor - 2005-07-30

    I'm currently on a lookout for a renderman compliant or XML scene file based renderer that isnt abandonware. I'am planing to interface this renderer to a compositing application that has full scene description implemented, as a secondary renderer to its simple 3d scanline renderer.

    Is Pixie up to task? I am hoping to forfeit RIB and use the api and/or file drivers. Its suppose to have some level of interactivity on simple scenes (most are pretty basic, with constant shaders only), how well does PIXIE fare on low complexity scenes? Does it have much overhead until first buckets go out? Can it use memory textures (results of compositing nodes output) or must everything be on disk?

    • Okan Arikan

      Okan Arikan - 2005-07-30

      Hi Igor

         Pixie's scan-line renderer has very little  overhead. Note also that Pixie comes with cheap rasterizer (z-buffer) which is a stripped down version of the full rasterizer. So i think it fits nicely with what you're looking for.

         Right now, there's no support for memory textures. This is something easy to add, i'm only skeptical on how it fits to renderman.



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