#14 network rendering on localhost fails (smp)


I want to use multiple instances when rendering to take
advantage of my dual cpu system. I compiled and
installed pixie in my homedir, and running it
standalone gives me no problem at all.
I tried to render ex5 with network rendering support as
>cd ~/bin/Pixie/examples/ex5
>ls -lad
drwxr-xr-x 2 axel axel 4096 Jan 15 16:25 .
uid=1000axel) gid=1000(axel)
> rndr -d 2500
Active at

In another teminal I start the render like this:
for c in 1 2 3 4; do echo "Pass $c:"; rndr -s ex5_pass${c}.rib -progress; done

but the daemon exits after writing the client file,
leaving the render process waiting for things it will
never receive.

The exit status is 0, and from a quick look at the code
it should restart itself in daemon mode. (but only
after rendering) It can't be a permission problem
either; I've tried to chmod a+rw the dir without
result. (shouldn't be neccesary since I was the owner
and the existence of 'ex5_pass2.rib#client=5' tells me
it's able to write files.

At this time, nothing is listening on the socket
anymore, and the client just seems to wait forever for
data from the client. Restarting the daemon doesn't
have any effect. (ps doesn't show it anymore either)

Any ideas about what I'm doing wrong here?

I can be reached via email at 'axel at

Thanks for your help and time.
And euhm.. A really big thank you for this nice piece
of software. Until recently I've been fiddling around
with povray, and had some problems with textured
objects, and closeups. I'm trying pixie to see what I
can do with rsl. :-)
I'm planning to make small movies with it, although I
need to investigate that somewhat further for now, but
for that, network rendering would be _very_ nice.
(not to mention the time some photon renders take)


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