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New Release: Ultraslim i3 (i386)

If you have an old machine that runs i386 architecture, you may try Piumalinux Ground i3 Ultraslim (i386).

It is build on Debian Sid (latest kernel 4.0.2 686PAE) running only a few basic tools (no print server, no network manager, no DE): unix tools, i3 WM, w3m browser, systemback. The iso is quite small: 499 mb. I'm working for something smaller, but for now it is ok.... read more

Posted by tommaso 2015-08-27 Labels: ultraslim iso i3 i386 32 bit piumalinux release

New Releases: Piumalinux Core, Full, Extra and Slim

I'm glad to announce 4 new releases for Piumalinux:

  • Piumalinux Ground Mate Core: a Debian Sid installation plus Mate DE Core apps
  • Piumalinux Ground Mate Full: a complete Debian Sid installation plus Mate DE and lots of programs
  • Piumalinux Ground Mate Extra: a complete Debian Sid installation plus Mate DE with extra apps and with a wide selection of programs (e.g. Inkscape, Gimp, Libreoffice, Latex, Latexila, Virt-Manager, Emacs etc.)
  • Piumalinux Ground i3 Slim: a thin operating system based on Debian Sid plus i3 as windows manager and w3m as ultralightweight internet browser... read more
Posted by tommaso 2015-08-25 Labels: release ISO Mate i3 2015 new

Our Blog

Hi everybody,

This is now the proper place to read news about Piumalinux!


Posted by tommaso 2015-08-25 Labels: blog


Please, for the blog visit this site:

Posted by tommaso 2013-06-04

Piumalinux Blog - Piumalinux2012_stable

28/4/2013, 08:19<br />di: <a href="http://piumalinux.forumcommunity.net/?act=Profile&amp;MID=9104881" target="_top">tjscap</a><br />in: <a href="http://piumalinux.forumcommunity.net/?t=54251478&amp;view=getlastpost#lastpost" target="_top">Piumalinux2012_stable</a> link

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2013-04-28

Piumalinux Blog - Piumalinux2012_RC3

27/4/2013, 14:56<br />di: <a href="http://piumalinux.forumcommunity.net/?act=Profile&amp;MID=9104881" target="_top">tjscap</a><br />in: <a href="http://piumalinux.forumcommunity.net/?t=54247164&amp;view=getlastpost#lastpost" target="_top">Piumalinux2012_RC3</a> link

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2013-04-27

PiumaLinux2012_RC3 download Link

Posted by tommaso 2013-04-22

piuma.125mb.com server problems!

Due to overhead traffic, the site of PiumaLinux is stopped! I'm going to post a link for the download!


Posted by tommaso 2013-04-21

Piuma RC3 is out!

Hi to everybody. The PiumaLinux2012 third release candidate is coming out! Soon I post the link!

Ciao a tutti. La terza versione della RC di PiumaLinux2012 sta per uscire. In breve inserisco il link da cui scaricare.

Posted by tommaso 2013-04-21

Piuma Release

We are working in order to afford the complete new release of Piuma Linux based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. The .iso is quite ready.

Posted by tommaso 2012-08-25

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