1: I don't see any problems with data files into the git repo
2: I don't have any notion of the source code of pitivi, but you could test the UI with LDTP (http://ldtp.freedesktop.org/wiki/)
although it may be hard (or impossible) to test non-standard widgets like the timeline/video output with that

On Wed, Jul 15, 2009 at 02:16, Brandon Lewis <brandon_lewis@berkeley.edu> wrote:
I understand from reading the IRC back-scroll that we're heading into a feature
freeze and then testing / bug squashing phase. I've noticed lately that our test
coverage isn't all that good, as quite often every test in make check will pass
but the first thing I get when I start pitivi interactively is a huge traceback
ending in some part of pitivi core. I feel what's missing is a set of high-level
tests that hit all the code-paths we take into core from the UI, perhaps
paralleling the QA scenarios we have on the website. I started working on this
but I'm wondering about a couple of things:

1) It would be useful to have some media files for tests involving the source
list, but how do we handle this with version control? It seems like a bad idea
to check even small media files into git, but maybe I'm mistaken about this.

2) Some parts of pitivi depend on having a running gobject.MainLoop, which is
currently implemented only in InteractivePitivi. Using this starts the GUI, and
it is my understanding that we do not want any of the tests to depend on the
GUI. So should I instead factor the code which launches the MainLoop into the
base application class? This wouldn't be entirely wrong since GStreamer also
depends on having a running mainloop.


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