Hi list!
Ok so I was going to fix that Pitivi can be used without hal/dbus but couldn't find any pitivirc file in the ~/.pitivi directory. Is this a Gnome thing? I've been out of the desktop loop for a while so you might be using something else, like Gconf, for settings. if that's the case may I propose that we can have both. Like the first parameter in the pitivirc file could be "use_gnome = true". And also moving ~/.pitivi to ~/.config/pitivi might be better as that's the FDO recommendation yes?!

Hmm, I noticed now that I don't have gnome-python installed so I guess Pitivi works just fine without it. Then we should have a pitivirc file ... instead of looking for dbus it should be set in that file (use_dbus = false).

Greets Jens