Happy new year folks!

I just subscribed to this list but I've been wating for years that Pitivi should pick up some steam and become more useful. Now I saw at the Gstreamer mailing list that you got a fulltime (or if it was parttime) paid developer so I thought this was a good time to show some more active interest in Pitivi. My personal workflow with Pitivi would look something like this:

Canon HV-30 (DV/PCM) -> Dvgrab (CLI) -> Pitivi (render to DV/PCM) -> Ffmpeg (CLI)

I managed to get this to work with Pitivi-Svn but I must be able to add text as overlay on the videos. If that gets fixed you already have a winner. And I also wonders if Pitivi renders out the DV/PCM in a lossless way? If not that would be nice to have too.

And I'm also willing to donate 5h/week of my time to this project. I would do anything to offload the more difficult work to Edward and the others. I suck at C but I've been using Python for years so that is not a problem. Bugfixer/release manager/webmaster/code refactoring/preparing for python3/doc writer/janitor you name it. I'll do anything to get this project going at a slow steady pace instead of just standing still. I've never used Git before but I guess it's not that different from using Svn.

I noticed that it's now possible to write plugins so maybe the text overlay could be added that way?! Also Pitivi wouldn't start if hal/dbus wasn't running. The only reason I can think of that Pitivi would use those is to scan for cameras but as I already use Dvrab for that it would be nice if Pitivi worked without them.

I also have a few more feature requests already but I must learn when to keep my mouth shut. :D

Greets Jens