Hi Pitivi devs!

My name is Benjamin Humphrey, and I'm a student studying Software Engineering at Otago University in Dunedin, New Zealand. Although I have yet to do a Python paper I'm pretty sure I will take one next year. I've done java so far, and a few other non-programming papers.

Anyway, I'm keen to start contributing to projects under Ubuntu, I've been around the forums for a while helping out people and writing some documentation for the Community Docs as well as triaging bugs. I'd like to join a project, and Pitivi seems within my limits! So until I learn a bit of Python, how would I go about helping with the following? (Taken from http://www.pitivi.org/wiki/Other_Ways_to_Contribute)

- Website maintenance
- End user documentation
- API Documentation
- Icons and Artwork

I do a bit of video editing for some drumming videos I make in my spare time, and upon switching completely to Ubuntu last year, I have yet to find a comparable video editor to the likes that Windows/Mac offer... obviously they have the advantage of costing hundreds of dollars, but I know that Ubuntu will eventually catch up with the video editing software like it has in other areas. Pitivi seems like it's got a lot going for it, I've tried out numerous other editors, and apart from kdenlive for kde, I can't seem to find anything comparable to Pitivi. Hence why I want to help contribute!! Also, it'll be good experience for my degree, and, if I ended up becoming a pretty regular contributor, good for a CV as well.

So yeah, thanks for reading, if you could point me in the right direction to get started on helping out with some documentation and artwork creation, that'd be rad. I've got over a month till uni starts again, and even then I will have quite a lot of spare time until March next year as I'm only doing two papers over summer.

Benjamin Humphrey