You could host such footage on the Internet Archive, www.archive.org. We could set up a special collection for you, so all the footage would be grouped together.


On 9/3/07, Edward Hervey <bilboed@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi again,

  So pitivi's starting to get functional :) During Guadec, we had the
idea of coming up with a showcase scenario.

  The idea is for YOU to come up with a script for a short (30s-1min)
movie which we'll realize using PiTiVi.

  Obviously, at the start, the editing will be a bit rough, for the
time being for example we only have cut/trim. But as soon as we add
new features, we'll redo a new rendering of that scenario using the
newest features.
  This would not only show the new features, but we could also
screencast how we did it at every step, so it would also be useful as
a fun tutorial.

What we need:
  * script : The pitivi wiki ( www.pitivi.org) would be the best place
to start writing the script
  * source material : The aim would be to license the video as
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike. So we need
original material which is compatible with that license. If people
have ideas of where to host those materials, it would be great.

  Ideas and comments are welcome !


Edward Hervey
Multimedia editing developer

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