Though I've had Sony Vegas Platinum 9 for a while on my pc, I would happily and confidently switch to PiTiVi if the gstreamer errors didn't occur, though I'm persevering with use of the program on my Linux-only laptop.  Most of the frills in Vegas I will never use, in fact there is nothing absent from PiTiVi for me that there isn't a simple workround for** (apart from the ability to pan audio tracks left and right to various degrees a la Vegas).

I'm using Linux Mint 9, based on Ubuntu 10.04.  Mint comes with codecs already installed, but the three mentioned on the PiTiVi site that apparently cause trouble aren't on my system.  My projects use, typically, MP4 clips from my Flip 1280x720 HD mini-camcorder, some jpg files for titles**, made with Gimp, which then get slightly animated with the fade facility, and wav files.  I need to stick to wav because the audio uses my own acoustic guitar music, which I don't want degraded by mp3/aac/ogg compression.  I was pleased to see that PiTiVi copes with these HD files by choosing 640x360 in the project options, allowing the preview screen to work pretty well, with only short freezes during a fade.

My gstreamer errors happen when I snip files, sometimes when I add fades too.  I try to keep these fades so they're not occuring to near one another in case the program is merely being overwhelmed at this stage of development.  Could it be an idea that PiTiVi will find a way to block use of any problem codecs or something, because there are so many options on a codec-equipped computer.  I did, however, find the same errors occuring with a default Ubuntu 10.04 CD, when I was using only ogg and ogv files, which I imagined would be safe.

Sound quite often cuts out during playback on the preview screen, and sometimes the rewind button doesn't put the marker back to the start - whizzing through to the end and then back can work.

Anyway, it's a great program, I'll be happy to use it alone till I'm old and grey once these problems are gone - keep up the good work and don't make it too complicated...


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