sorry folks, i made an error - i actually used handbrake (HandBrake 0.9.4 2009112300) to make the MPEG-4 files, not PiTiVi. in file properties, it says:

Dimensions 718 x 478
MPEG-4 video
1 frames per second (but that doesn't seem right, as it's very smooth)
MPEG-4 AAC audio
48000 Hz Sample Rate


hi everyone,

i am doing a project where i started with miniDV tapes, which i hired someone to capture to .VOB files (they made dvd-player style dvds), which i then used PiTiVi to convert to MPEG-4 (m4v) files.

i've gone through these m4v versions of the tapes and pulled out the clips that i want, but no matter how high a quality i try to export them with, the quality goes way down - both frame rate and resolution goes way down. the sound stays ok but it adds this mysterious clicking. so, two questions.

1. can i take clips out of a file without changing anything else? just exporting those clips exactly as the originals?

2. can i retain the same quality in the final project as i have in the clips?

i can provide whatever other information you need to help me (i'm running the latest PiTiVi, on karmic koala ubuntu).


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