Run, don't walk to a supplier of old DRAM modules since it is a wonder you can do anything.

I find that even a web browser or other simple app regularly expects to hog more than 512 megs these days.  It's somewhat inexcusable that common software is so greedy with ram... But this is the way things are!

I would be aiming for 2-4GB as a minimum in a desktop now.

Also, beware that the old modules you will need might be hard to find or expensive...  There may be a package or second hand/scrap machine you can get even if only to cannibalize.

A. James Lewis (Mobile)

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From: "Lee Gold" <>
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Subject: [PiTiVi] Piviti minimum hardware requirements ?
Date: Wed, Jun 27, 2012 5:21 PM

I have pentium4 with 512 RAM. Do I even meet minimum requirements? Using
Ubuntu. Tried but freezes when I load a vid file.


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