My new PiTiVi 0.15 has severe problems with .VOB files.  A few weeks ago, it was just a performance problem:  it would take several minutes just to reposition the play head, for example.  Now it cannot display .VOB files at all, not even short ones.  I have good, bad, ugly, etc.  Nothing has changed that I am aware of, except possible automatic updates (in libraries?).  I don't think any packages have been removed.

These are normal NTSC videos.  VLC shows MPEG-1/2 Video (mpgv), 720x480, 59.940059 frames/s; A52 Audio (AC3), 48000 Hz.

I have version 0.15.0-1~natty1 from the Ubuntu PPA.  The default version 0.13 actually worked, although it also had some serious performance problems.  Any hints?