The technologies are very different. All the work is done by the backend (gstreamer or ffmpeg) This difference makes it to hard to get Openshot to gstreamer without doing a complete re right and nobody wants that. We are just going to have to get more developers to work on features. 


Also make sure to reply to the list so other people can respond. 

On Mon, Feb 14, 2011 at 5:54 PM, Gendre Sebastien <> wrote:
Le lundi 14 février 2011 à 17:41 -0500, Brian Grohe a écrit :
> This would not work, Openshot uses ffmpeg and therefore it would take
> a lot of work to get it to work with gstreamer. It would be easier to
> just add the features to pitivi as it has been designed for
> gstreamer.

The problem is: We have two projects with the same goals and based on
the same technologies (for the most part). We obtain a division of
communities and thus capacities of working for the same goals.