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On Mon, Feb 28, 2011 at 5:53 PM, Jeff Fortin <> wrote:
Hey there folks, I have spent some time writing up

This document describes potential project ideas, our (my?) expectations
towards the types of applicants we are looking for, as well as what we
have to offer to them. Anything missing or incorrect in that page?

After chatting a bit with Ed, I am hereby proposing myself as the
"mentoring organization administrator" for this 2011 edition of the
Google Summer of Code. Yes, this means that I will make pitivi apply as
a standalone "mentoring organization". I think the above wiki page and
the current state of pitivi makes us able to do that. If the request is
denied, then we can still work under the umbrella of GStreamer.

Here are some outstanding questions I would like to solve:
- Have we ever attempted applying directly as a mentoring organization,
or have we always worked under the umbrella of GStreamer?
- Who would like to be a mentor?
-- Do you (as a mentor) have particular fields of interests/expertise?
-- Are you able to mentor more than one student?
-- How much time can you allocate to this?
- Do we have an "application template" we would like students to use?
- I don't remember exactly what was done in SoC older than 2010; what
happened (successes and challenges) in 2007 and 2008, considering that
so much has changed since then?
- We thankfully never had to use this, but what is our plan for dealing
with disappearing students or mentors?
- What is our plan to ensure that our accepted students stick with the
project after GSoC concludes?
- Crack idea: do we have the possibility for European students (or
anyone willing to travel) to work with the pros in Collabora's Barcelona
- What will be our policy for merging and reviewing students' work? Do
we have assigned reviewers/mergers in addition to mentors?

I would like to have feedback on this as soon as possible. The deadline
for us to apply is Friday, March 11th.

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