i managed to install the package python-xdg and my problems with this dependents are resolved, but whene i want install pitivi with this command "rpm -i pitivi-0.13.5-10.2.i586.rpm" my problem is    

python = 2.7 is needed by pitivi-0.13.5-10.2.i586

and my questions is, why i have this problem?, if i have intalled python-2.7 ....

Thank in advance ....

2011/3/5 Jeff <web.kiddo@free.fr>
Hi Eduardo,

You are missing dependencies for the XDG python libraries (the package may be named "python-xdg" or something like that).
Additionally, make sure you have gconf (the package may be named python-gconf2 or something like that) installed.

After that, it should work...

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