2010/5/20 <varomix@gmail.com>

hi guys
we were checking pitivi at the studio and we like it a lot, is great for us that just need to load a bunch of sequences and render that as an mpg or something, the only thing we would love is the ability to load numbered image sequences.

I've done some python stuff, so would this be a hard thing to add to pitivi?
any guidance on how can that be done.


You can already load image files, just like you can load video files. The only problem I had with this feature is that there's no way to adjust the default duration of the clip created from the image files.  The default right now is 5 seconds each.  Resizing them one by one is a losing proposition if you're working with a lot of images.  My use-case was (completely amateur) stop-motion animation, and I made a set of patches that worked for what I was trying to do:


But I don't know what the status of the patch is, and whether the devs want to go this direction at all or do something completely different.


Robin Norwood

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