On 2 March 2010 22:23, sam tygier <samtygier@yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
Eirik Hjelle wrote:
> Hello,
> I really like PiTiVi and I've started to use it, but I'm surprised
> that I can't find any copy&paste functionality to use up the same
> timeframe twice?
> I've used Premiere alot some years back and this was the feature I
> used most, is it just I that can't find it ?


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A small annotation: I really like the way avid does the Ctr+C (copy) Ctrl-X (cut) Ctrl-Z (lift) and it's brothers Alt+C Alt+X Alt+Z work. The key combination with Ctrl works as expected, when you paste an the copied footage is pasted with insert mode. But when using the Alt, the selection is copied to the source monitor, so that you can adjust the markers again and choose to either overwrite or to insert to the destionation tracks.

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