As an editing professional lurking on this list, this 1 track/2 track transition is one part of the design that interests me. My vote goes to single track design for much the same reason that artur is pointing out here.
Both avid and fcp have adopted it and the Premiere used to have 2 track transitions but I believe has moved away from that.
On avid, it's even possible to collapse 2 layers in a single layer and ad a transition to the newly formed layer. By double clicking the collapsed piece, the orignal 2 get revealed. But this is probably a next stage thing.


Dries Desmet.

On 22 February 2010 15:23, Artur Jaroschek <> wrote:

are there any blueprints describing the workflow of transitions between
different video clips and also between audio clips?

I would like to know if you plan to implement transitions using a
two-track-design (transistions work between track-A and track-B and the
other way round) like many projects do or using a sigle-track design
(like SONY Vegas). I'd like to note (working with sony vegas for many
years now, since version 4) that a single-track design is much more
convenient because:

1. it allows a clean work-flow, i.e. video-tracks are rendered (and
overlay each other) from top to bottom. A track-A-B-design breaks this
because it must allow to transit from track-B (bottom) to track-A

2. it allows a "build-in" default transition just by overlapping the
ending of clip-1 with the beginning of clip-2 (sound and video of
course) (see sony vegas).

3. it allows to preconfigure a default transitions overlapping time
which is applied when multiple clips are dragged from the import area
into the timeline. All dragged clips are then automatically overlapped
by this time. Great for dragging a bunch of photos into the timeline to
render them as a video with background music. (Of course one then needs
the default photo-length-time also in the preferences).

I would realy like to see pitivi to support this mode. Sony Vegas has
this design since the beginning (at least version 4 which is 5 years
old) and has never changed anything about it - because its perfect.


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