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Onderwerp: Re: [PiTiVi] Frame seeking user interface
Datum: Fri, 25 Apr 2008 12:38:53 +0200
Van: Stani <>
Aan: Brandon Lewis <>

Brandon Lewis schreef:
Hi Brandon,
> couple more things. 1) most mice and track pads have an additional 
> scroll input. The shuttle wheel at least should support this. 
I guess the standard slide control does this already out of the box. If 
we implement a custom control it should do this as well.
> Furthermore, there are some external input devices specialized for 
> editing which have physical jog/shuttle controls (for example, see 
> It would be wise 
> to support these somehow.
If there is a common api for it, it would be nice. Otherwise you need to 
use something maybe like xbindkeys and implement dbus commands for 
pitivi which allow such control. I am no expert on this, so probably 
someone else can step up with a better proposal. But before supporting 
exotic devices it would be better to first make pitivi rock with a 
normal keyboard and mouse with scroll-wheel.