Try rendering the file. That will produce a video file Qdvdauthor should be able to read.
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On Mon, Jan 19, 2009 at 1:26 PM, hannu_h <> wrote:

Maybe somebody could point me to the right direction with basics of video
editing with Pitivi.
This is where I am now:
I load video clips from my JVS Everio to my hard drive, and I can play the
.MOD files with Totem. I have all gstreamer codecs installed, and
Totem-MoviePlayer/Gstreamer plays these files which are MPEG2 with  audio
The only video editor that plays them right is Pitivi.
Kdenlive, Cinelerra, etc. do not seem to be able to use the right codecs.
Now, I would like to edit the clips, just trim them, I don't even care about
transisitions or background sound tracks at this time.
I understand that I have to come up with some kind of file which I can then
produce to a DVD in qdvdauthor.
There seem to be two choices in Pitivi, to "render" or "save as".
What should I do here, what kind of file am I supposed to produce. Ptivi
0.11.1 does not prompt any file formats. What is rendering?
In other words, what does qdvdauthor need in order to have the contents for
a video DVD?
Or, is there some better way to do this?

Thank you,
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