Sorry guys for late reply to your prompt suggestions.

Inadvertently left the list address off my replies :(

Geoff Lane


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Subject: Re: [PiTiVi] Plays OK - pitivi wont import

AFAIK the latest changes in MPEG-TS in GStreamer make it so you can 
seek. But I could be wrong. 

Which version of the gstreamer plugins are you using? Distro packaged or git? 
You can try update and then play the file in Totem (which also uses 
GST) to check if you can playback and seek. 


On Sun, Jul 24, 2011 at 9:18 PM, Benjamin M. Schwartz 
<> wrote: 
> I am under the impression that PiTiVi simply does not support MPEG-TS 
> files because it requires seeking, and mpegtsdemux does not (yet?) support 
> seeking.  This includes the AVCHD files produced by most popular 
> camcorders today. 
> --Ben