Thank you for the feedback. Now I see where I can change the settings and clearly the default settings are not the most optimal. Changing the video bitrate to 9000 improved the video quality significantly (I think the limit is around 9800 but I thought 9000 would be safe). I also needed to change the fps for NTSC. However, I'm lost with the other settings. What is quantisation? I don't know what the valid values are. I'm really not an expert with DVD settings and I see a lot of settings available with this format. The default settings definitely need to be changed to provide the most optimal results and by someone who really understands how the different values affect the video quality.

Unfortunately the audio got messed up. The resulting audio is very intermittent and is obviously not ok. Again, I'm not sure what settings to change to fix the problem.

The good news: With the new video settings I was able to import the file in DVD Styler. I think DVD Styler doesn't compress again. I'm almost sure it recognizes the MPEG format and it just creates the image to burn. It did it way too fast to think that it compressed the video again.



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> Anyway, now that I have been able to render the video, I was trying to
> burn a disk, but the programs that I was trying to use (Bombono DVD &
> DVD Styler) did not accept the rendered file.

Maybe give "DeVeDe" a shot. It's one of the few programs that has a
simple-enough-no-bullsh.. UI (in my opinion) and seemed to work well for
me in the past. It also has an option to tell it that the file is
"already in a MPEG-PS format, ready to be put on a DVD" so that you
avoid compressing a third time.

> Also, the rendered file didn't look very good. The original video
> looks so much better than the rendered one. Is there a place where I
> can change the quality of the video? The resulting video seems to have
> been compressed a lot. I will greatly appreciate further help with
> this.

First, in the "advanced" properties of mpeg2enc, I see that the default
setting for the format is "Generic MPEG-1". This is, obviously, complete
crap. It should be "DVD MPEG-2".

Then, there is the "bitrate" setting and the "quantisation" setting you
probably want to experiment with... I'd be curious if you can report
your findings, maybe your experience (if successful) should become part
of the user manual...

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