Yes, that's the plan:

The problem is that I still haven't found a proper way to reorganize everything in a properly topic-oriented way, so I haven't touched the thing since 0.13.4 until this issue can be solved.

A big problem I had with the topic-oriented concept is that there are topics in the manual that I definitely *want* to make sure show up at the very top of the index so that the user reads them first. Currently, the non-mallard manual walks you through learning gradually (if needed), with introductory chapters and all that.

But yeah, if you'd like to 1) figure out how to map the current table of contents into a new list of "topics" and how they interconnect to each other 2) do the grunt work of converting the existing content,

...then I'd be able to resume updating/adding contents afterwards :)

Another thing I liked about the current hierarchical manual, though, is that it *doesn't suck* at searching (yelp sucks. A lot. At least until they do something like ). You can warp through any part of the odt/pdf manual it since it's a monolithic block.