Hi folks. I have been suddenly reminded of the the Ubuntu Feature Freeze on the 18th of February (that's in 10 days!) by comment #5 on the following bug report: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pitivi/+bug/506642

In that thread, from comment #6 onwards, I revealed some of my worries regarding the fast-approaching Ubuntu deadlines and the current state of PiTiVi. Vish then mentionned that he discussed with some devs (namely Rick Spencer and Jono) on #ubuntu-desktop. I looked up the archives of the logs, here they are if you are curious: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2010/02/08/%23ubuntu-desktop.txt (look at 18:32)

In this discussion, it was suggested that a hackfest could be organized, and I think that they have sent some mail to Edward about that. I wanted to raise this on the mailing list because I'm still wondering about two things:

1) What features and bug fixes should be considered the requirement for the 0.13.4 release? In other words, when do we decide that we have "reached" that release?

2) Do we, as a project, have a “failsafe” plan of holding back PiTiVi from being included in Ubuntu 10.04 by default if we deem it “not yet ready for mass consumption”? I am mainly concerned about the bad publicity that it could get. However, maybe I am worrying too much and users wouldn't really bash it for not having features XYZ (the usual: transitions, effects, DV capture, poneys...), and maybe, on the complete opposite of the worst case scenario, more users would be interested in the software and more contributors would join... this is a delicate PR situation.

By the way, I'm suspecting that many "rendering hangs at a certain point during rendering" bugs on 0.13.3 might be due to the broken still image support which was recently fixed by Brandon in pitivi git. Maybe I need to NEEDINFO some of bugs asking if still images were in use.