A short description for installation

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    installing your bot is quite difficult cause of the lost documentation ;)

    Ive installed the bot, and hes even connected to IRC and joins the channels...but...its doesnt log anything (the bug that you have in the basic_stats.php is solved (youve forgot to make the DB-Connection Data into variables) ... but ... theres notting. The Query Command !enablelogging says "You are not logged in." .. but .. there isnt any entry in the "user" table of the db? How to add that, okay...Nickname and Password is easy, but the permissions field is a problem? What i have to add there, to get root account?

    A short installation description is really cool, can you give me that?

    • Justin Hendrickson

      Yup, it's coming soon... I hope to write update the README so there's at least a very basic description of what needs to go in there.

      But for a temporary fix, you can do this. The password needs to be MD5() and the permissions for an administrator user should be 255.

      The rest should be pretty self-explainitory... i hope... anyway, I will get to updating the README to something useful soon.

    • Nobody/Anonymous


      works fine now :)

      Thanks for helping


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