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PippoProxy 1.0 (CheSpettaciolo) RELEASED

I'm proud to announce that PippoProxy 1.0 (CheSpettacolo, in honor of the italian pilot Valentino Rossi) has been released.

It's the old historical version of PippoProxy (about 2 years ago). Now many things can be done differently. For instance, there you find a pakage for Lock, Semap hores, ... now (by 1.5) you have java.util.cuncurrent.

This is the initial (I hope :) version.

Have fun!! ... read more

Posted by Gino Tesei 2004-10-21

Caching & Syncronization

A tipical problem for caching engines is Syncronization.

By 1.5 (Tiger), jdk provides a new package (java.util.cuncurrent). Here you can find Lock, Semaphores, ... is it mature enough?

Posted by Gino Tesei 2004-10-18