PIP v0.2 available

Better later than never, PIP v0.2 is available.

PIP V0.2 is the first release of PIP that is reasonably cleanly separated from FIS Profile.  It is also the first packaging of PIP that is intended to be upgradeable - but this is not proven yet.

PIP Is released as a source archive from which it can be installed as well as as a virtual machine disk image in two formats (kvm/QEMU qcow2 and Vmware vmdk). Instructions for installing it from the archive are online (http://docs.google.com/View?id=dhpr4zmp_57f9jf3qgf ). To use the virtual machines, you can connect with the JDBC driver (for now, use the JDBC driver from PIP V0.1) to port 61315 and with ssh to port 22 (user id pip, password PIPRocks!).

Please send comments ks dot bhaskar at fisglobal dot com.

Caveat: this release is expert friendly and not yet proven suitable for the casual user.

Posted by K.S. Bhaskar 2010-04-01