SQL raw interface to GT.M ?

S. Rigaud
  • S. Rigaud

    S. Rigaud - 2008-09-18

    Is it be possible to run 'mumps' and then call a module
    ('do ^SOMETHING') that plays the role of an interface to
    the SQL engine that comes with PIP, to enable you to
    directly enter SQL statements ?

    So that I could test things like
    ~ set sql="create table XX"
    ~ set sql=sql_" (name, lastname)"
    ~ ...
    ~ do ^RUNSQL(sql)
    or even directly type SQL statements at the 'mumps'
    prompt if such a layer has been implemented ?

    Is it possible, given all the mrtns/SQL*.m modules available
    under PIP's root directory ?

    If it's possible, could you please precisely list me all .m modules
    involved ? Do you think they could be then taken by themselves
    and ported to another GT.M installation to be run there as well ?

    I'm desperately impatient and avid to be able to run sheer SQL
    against a GT.M database (or even... to be able to execute OQL !).

    Thanks a lot.
    Sébastien Rigaud

    • Dan

      Dan - 2008-09-18

      Take a look at ^SQL.  This is the basic interface and is documented in the header.  It allows you to pass in a SQL statement and get the result, status, etc. passed back as parameters.

      You can also look at ^SQLI which implements a terminal interface.  The keyboard input is based on VT-200 keys.


    • S. Rigaud

      S. Rigaud - 2008-09-21

      OK Dan thanks for your hint here. But could
      you please give me some more info as to the
      way to use both modules, a few examples maybe ?
      (in particular for SQLI)



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