Errors creating procedures in Data-QWIK

  • Elvis

    Elvis - 2013-03-19


    I  need some help realting problems that happen with Profile PIP v0.2. I already installed and run PIP so far so good, but when i  use some functionalities of Data-QWIK like creating Procedures Definition(Function @825 of Data-QWIK) it gave me following errors:
    - /tools/misc/filecdt  is missing.
    - DBSEDIT will not behave correctly.
    - Please install the appropriate executable.

    Note: I have installed for this purpose, following instructions in, gtm_V54000_linux_i686_pro.tar.gz, pip_V02_20100227.7z.
    And i installed VMware-Player-5.0.1 to run Ubuntu 8.04 JeOS.

    Can anyone give me indications about what is wrong. Thank you.

    Best Regards,
    Elvis Hau

  • tmr

    tmr - 2013-03-19


    `filecdt' utility does nothing special you cannot emulate. In fact it just prints out the last modification time of the file from its argument.
    I am not sure if the original utility is publicly available, so I'd suggest you to replace it by your own, for example in Perl:

    Since we did a lot of PIP patches/customizations/extensions in past, feel free to come back for whatever more you'll miss there :-)


  • Elvis

    Elvis - 2013-03-20


    I did the Tom suggestion by creating in root, directory  /tools/misc and then create the file filecdt putting inside Tom example code.
    Now the error is "../pip_V02/util/ 125: pico: not found". Can say what is wrong? The file exist in directory and permission gived to all files.


  • tmr

    tmr - 2013-03-20


    At the first, I would recommend you to make a /SCA symlink that points to your PIP directory. Then you should define BUILD_DIR environment variable in your gtmenv to have a value of $DIR. I guess you don't have BUILD_DIR defined because the script we're talking about calls $BUILD_DIR/tools/…whatever… and since BUILD_DIR is not defined, it's empty and that's why it looks for /tools/misc.
    In general, the /SCA way is more clear because there are some components which would expect that directory/symlink.

    And if it comes to your pico issue, you can do one of the following:
    (1) install pico :-) 
    (2) change your PIP user's editor to something else. The editor choice is on the 21st piece in ^SCAU(1,UID), so you can do something like: s $p(^SCAU(1,1),"|",21)="vi"
    If you prefer Emacs, the choice is "emc" instead of "vi".

    I'd also set EDITOR environment variable in gtmenv or directly in your login scripts, if you haven't done it yet.


  • Elvis

    Elvis - 2013-03-20

    Hi Tom,

    Cause i'm new in Profile and these stuffs, i'd like to ask you if you can give the steps about how to make a /SCA symlink to point to PIP directory and define BUILD_DIR in gtmenv?



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