USERID column value = JDBC user?

  • Edwin Clubb

    Edwin Clubb - 2008-09-16

    If I create a column named "USERID" in any table and then select * on that table, the USERID column value returned for every row matches SCAU account I am using with the JCBC driver.

    • Frans S.C. Witte

      That is correct.

      The identifier USERID is a reserved name, that corresponds to the login name of the user (similar but not equal to the SQL reserved name CURRENT_USER)

      In a similar way the name SYSDAT is the DQ-SQL equivalent of CURRENT_DATE.

      Did you try to use the qualified column name (table.USERID)?

    • Edwin Clubb

      Edwin Clubb - 2008-09-16

      No, but I will give that a try.  Are there any other reserved names I need to worry about?  Is there a documented list?



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