Dan - 2008-10-25

There is on-line documentation associated with many columns, particularly related to the primary DATA-QWIK tables such as those that contain the schema definitions (DBTBL1 and DBTBL1D).  When you are on the maintenance screens, pressing the "help" key (VT-220 Help, SmarTerm scroll), you should get a bottom of the screen menu with the first item being Field_Help.  If you select this and there is documentation associated with a column, it will be displayed.

This information is stored in tables DBTBL11 and DBTBL11D (^DBTBL("SYSDEV",11,tableName,seq)).  There are menu items under the DATA-QWIK menu system for the Documentation system to allow creation and maintenance, as well as viewing, of this information.

This may be a source of additional information that may be found useful.