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Pioneers 15.4 released

A new version of Pioneers has been released.


  • New theme Nouvellia, by Brian Mansberger
  • Fixed rendering issues in ccFlickr theme
  • Improvements for the MinGW port
  • Fix for #290: check for the winning condiation at the beginning of the turn
  • Fix for #285part2: Fixed unplayable development card
  • Use the default about dialog
  • Framework change: replaced glib-gettextize by intltool
  • GTK+3 deprecation checks are turned off per default
  • Minor code quality improvements
Posted by Roland Clobus 2016-08-28

Pioneers 15.3 released

A new version of Pioneers has been released.


  • Relicense of the desktop icons to CC-BY-SA-4.0

Version 15.2 was not announced here, it contains:

  • Ported from GTK+2 to GTK+3
  • A new computer player, by Rodrigo Espiga Gómez
Posted by Roland Clobus 2014-10-26

Pioneers 15.1 released

New features:
- Full IPv6 support
- More graphics are in vector format instead of bitmaps
- A map preview is shown when creating a game from the client
- A toolbar is added to the editor
- Added a dice deck instead of rolling the dice completely randomly
- The computer player uses more various chat messages
- The Microsoft Windows port now also has a server
- Code cleanup, including fixed memory leaks

Posted by Roland Clobus 2013-10-13 Server down

Hello all,

The server has been taken down for relocation. It will be up in the second half of december. In the mean time you can publish your self-hosted games on

Sorry for the inconvenience,
Roland Clobus

Posted by Roland Clobus 2012-12-04 -> server relocation

The server for will be relocated. Around 4 december it will shut down, and will be up again somewhere at the end of december.

Posted by Roland Clobus 2012-11-29

Pioneers 14.1 released

New features:
* Added the game comments to the editor. With thanks to Micah Bunting
* Added island discovery bonus in the editor. With thanks to Micah Bunting
* Spectators see the nosetup nodes
* Editor uses shortcuts for games folders
* Large icons for the GNOME3 desktop

* Speedup of server-gtk
* Setting the avatar icon works again
* Trade is possible again in games without interplayer trade
* Right-click in the editor shows the menu again
* Code cleanup (Preparation for Gtk+3, hardening flags, memory leaks, ...)

Posted by Roland Clobus 2012-05-28

Pioneers 0.12.5 released

* New features:
* These features were written by Micah Bunting:
* The maps in the editor can be manipulated more easily
* The map can be zoomed
* Full screen mode
* Notifications. With thanks to Patrick
* Bugfixes:
* Cosmetic fixes to the way the map is drawn
* Fixed some crashes involving the pirate
* Fixed some memory leaks in the meta server

Posted by Roland Clobus 2011-10-30

Pioneers for Windows 0.12.4 re-released

Pioneers for Windows, version 0.12.4 has been re-released.

The original installer did not include all needed DLLs and did not install properly on Windows 7.

Posted by Roland Clobus 2011-06-22

Pioneers 0.12.4 released

Pioneers 0.12.4 has been released.
* New features:
* Added a logbot type computer player. With thanks to Andreas Steinel
* New map: North Americ by Ron Yorgason
* New map: Ubuntuland by Matt Perry
* Added a close button on tab pages. With thanks to Anti Sullin
* Use AVAHI, With thanks to Andreas Steinel
* In the connect dialog, the games can be sorted
* Computer player uses the soldier cards and monopoly cards better
* New theme ccFlickr, by Aaron Williamson
* Tooltips for the development cards. With thanks to Aaron Williamson
* The editor can set/unset nosetup nodes
* Bugfixes
* Fixed the FreeCIV-like and Wesnoth-like themes
* The computer player is more stable
* The meta-server is more stable
* Use the correct size for the icons in the context menu in the editor

Posted by Roland Clobus 2011-01-26

Pioneers released

Pioneers is a translation update for 0.12.3, with updated translations for all languages and two new languages, Galician (provided by Indalecio Freiría Santos) and British (provided by Philipp Kleinhenz).

The themes Wesnoth-like and FreeCIV-like have been fixed, you can now read the black text on a background that is not black too.

Posted by Roland Clobus 2010-09-29

Pioneers 0.12.3 released

Pioneers 0.12.3 has been released.
The source code has been released on 2009-11-04, and the Windows installer on 2010-01-10

* New feature: Look in $XDG_DATA_HOME/pioneers/themes for themes
* New feature: Look in $XDG_DATA_HOME/pioneers for games
* Fixed IPv4 vs IPv6 connection issues when adding local computer players
* Some cosmetic changes

Posted by Roland Clobus 2010-01-10 up again

The previous news item mentions that was down. It is now up for quite some time already, and many games are being played.

Posted by Roland Clobus 2010-01-10 down

The secondary meta server at is down for the moment. It will take several days before it will be online again.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Posted by Roland Clobus 2008-06-25

Pioneers 0.12.2 released

This bugfix release fixes two bugs introduced in 0.12.1 and updates several translations.

New in 0.12.1:
* Fixed bugs in the server that could crash it
* Cosmetic changes
* A new language: Czech
* Several bugfixes

Posted by Roland Clobus 2008-05-01

Two new languages added: Danish and Portuguese

Pioneers has two new languages available:
Danish, kindly provided by Carson, and Portuguese, kindly provided by Filipe Roque.

You can find them in the 'Translation updates' download section (

Don't forget to read the notes for instructions where to put the new files.

Posted by Roland Clobus 2007-12-09

Pioneers 0.11.3 released

This bugfix release fixes some issues that are visible in servers that are running for a long time.

Posted by Roland Clobus 2007-10-07

Pioneers 0.11.2 released

This bugfix release fixes the OK button in the discard dialog.

Posted by Roland Clobus 2007-08-05

Pioneers 0.11 released

* New languages: Afrikaans and Japanese
* Added customizable player icons
* Added winnable check in the server and editor
* New game feature: city walls
* Map preview in the server
* Cluster development cards of the same type
* The chat panel can be moved to the right
* Lauch the client from the server
* Cosmetic changes
* Various bugfixes
* The 0.11 server can also handle 0.10 clients

Posted by Roland Clobus 2007-07-22 back online

The host is finally back online.
About a month ago it started to host the lobby for 0.10 again, and now it is running a meta-server, capable of starting 5 games.

Roland Clobus

Posted by Roland Clobus 2007-06-03 down

Due to severe filesystem corruption, the host went down by itself.

I'm sorry, but it'll take a few days before I'll have it running again, and have a diagnosis to avoid this situation from happening again. hosts the Lobby (for 0.10 and 0.9) at the public meta server, and is a metaserver that allows the creation of new games.

Posted by Roland Clobus 2006-11-27

Two new languages added: Afrikaans and Japanese

Pioneers has two new languages available: Afrikaans, kindly provided by Petri Jooste, and Japanese, kindly provided by Yasuhiko Takasugi.

You can find them in the 'Translation updates' download section (

Don't forget to read the notes for instructions where to put the new files.

Posted by Roland Clobus 2006-11-16

Pioneers 0.10 build 2 released

* Added --version for all executables
* Workaround for a Gtk+ bug
* The metaserver unregisters inactive servers
* The contents of the tarball is more complete
* Various bugfixes

Posted by Roland Clobus 2006-09-16

Pioneers 0.10 build 1 rev 2 for Windows released

The previous release for Windows didn't run.

Posted by Roland Clobus 2006-09-03

0.10.1 not a stable as I hoped

The 0.10.1 release is not as stable as I hoped.
* The tarball is incomplete
* Many disconnects are not noticed by the metaserver, leaving 0.10 games visible for a long time.
* People get kicked out of games, for no apparent reason.

You can expect a new release within the next few weeks.

Posted by Roland Clobus 2006-08-31

Pioneers 0.10 build 1 released

* Build script updated for easier building
* Switch between games without quitting the client
* Victory points for discovering an island
* More strings are translatable
* Announce new players when they enter the game
* Lobby + robot
* Better handling for disconnected players
* Register games with the correct hostname at the metaserver
* Various bugfixes

Posted by Roland Clobus 2006-08-26

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