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Updated translations for German and Swedish

Updated translations of Pioneers to German and Swedish for 0.9.64 are available.

For users who use the packages from their distribution, replace the and with the versions found in the download section for the source code:

Posted by Roland Clobus 2006-06-23

Pioneers 0.9 build 64 released

This release fixes two major bugs introduced in 0.9.62 and 0.9.63:
* pioneers-server-console commandline option -v allows games with more than 3 victory points again
* fixes for trade, that could crash clients of 0.9.61 and earlier

Posted by Roland Clobus 2006-06-06

Pioneers 0.9 build 63 released [revoked]

Subversion Snapshot release 0.9.63
* Minimum required versions: Glib 2.6, Gtk+ 2.6
* Does not use Gtk+ 2.8 icons anymore
* Several cosmetic changes
* You can now choose to connect as a viewer
* Several small fixes
* Visual display of the resources
* New quote tab page

Posted by Roland Clobus 2006-05-30

Pioneers 0.9 build 62 released [revoked]

Subversion Snapshot release 0.9.62
* Several cosmetic changes
* You can now choose to connect as a viewer
* Several small fixes
* Visual display of the resources
* New quote tab page

Posted by Roland Clobus 2006-05-28

Pioneers 0.9 build 61 released

This is a bugfix release.
The screenshots in the manual have also been updated to the current version.

Posted by Roland Clobus 2006-04-09

Repository migrated to Subversion

The repository has been migrated to Subversion. Check out the latest version (0.9.57):

svn checkout .

Posted by Roland Clobus 2006-03-31

RPMs for Redhat Fedora Core 4 available for download

In the download section, the rpms for Redhat Fedora Core 4 have just been added.

Posted by Roland Clobus 2006-03-01

Pioneers 0.9 build 55 released

This is a security release for the meta server.
The public meta server could be crashed by sending commands to create a new game, even though the meta server does not allow the creation of new games.

Everybody who is running a meta server is requested to upgrade.

Posted by Roland Clobus 2006-02-09

Pioneers 0.9 build 54 released [revoked]

This is a security release for the metaserver
The public metaserver could be crashed by sending wrong commands.

Posted by Roland Clobus 2006-02-07

Pioneers 0.9 build 49 released

CVS Snapshot release 0.9.49
* New theme, based on Battle of Wesnoth
* Configure script updated
* Added Swedish translation
* Client and server chat length limited to safer lengths
* Windows installer checks for the Gtk+ runtime
* Several small bugs fixed, code cleanup

Posted by Roland Clobus 2006-01-25

Pioneers 0.9 build 40 released

The first release with Microsoft Windows binaries.
You'll need to install the Gtk+ runtime libraries first.

Posted by Roland Clobus 2005-12-21

Mailing lists are working again

The mailing lists have been working again for some time now.

Posted by Roland Clobus 2005-12-21

Pioneers 0.9.33 is available in Fink

Pioneers has now been made available for Darwin and Mac OS X in Fink by Tristan Thiede.


Posted by Roland Clobus 2005-11-17

Pioneers 0.9 build 33 released

The PowerPC platform is supported again: the cursor on the map is now working again. A translation to Hungarian has been added. An annoying bug was fixed regarding the AI: the AI could enter an infinite loop when it tried to trade for something that is not in the bank anymore.

Posted by Roland Clobus 2005-10-03

Temporary mailing list available

The main mailing lists are still down, but you can use the temporary mailing list instead:

Posted by Roland Clobus 2005-09-11

Mailing lists down

Due to the rename actions (from gnocatan to pio) the mailing lists are not working correctly yet.
Monitor this link for the status:

Posted by Roland Clobus 2005-08-03

Pioneers 0.9 released

Pioneers is a clone of the board game The Settlers of Catan.
The new version includes a map editor, a stronger computer player and new maps. The Pioneers client can be built under Cygwin, so your friends with Microsoft Windows can join your games too. Pioneers was formerly known as Gnocatan.

See also and

Posted by Roland Clobus 2005-07-20

0.8.1 build 58 released

This will be the last release in the 0.8 range.

The network protocol needs to be updated in a non compatible way, to allow the AI to play much better.

Posted by Roland Clobus 2005-03-20

New developer: Brian Wellington

The ranks of Gnocatan have been enforced, a new developer has joined: Brian Wellington.

Happy coding!

Posted by Roland Clobus 2005-03-15

0.8.1 build 52 released

This release makes it easier to start new games, by starting the server from the client, instead of as a separate application.

Posted by Roland Clobus 2005-02-03

0.8.1 build 48 released

The reconnect has been improved greatly. When for some reason a connection is lost, you can connect to the game again.

Posted by Roland Clobus 2005-01-09

0.8.1 build 43 released

This is the first news item since a long time. Many things have changed since then. Seafarer support has been added, and many bugs have been fixed.

Posted by Roland Clobus 2004-11-21

Version 0.7.1 released

Finally I got around to collect the last missing pieces for this release,
and here it is!

Posted by Roman Hodek 2002-07-21

Version 0.7.0 released

After a long pause, finally a new version is ready with many enhancements.

Posted by Roman Hodek 2002-05-27 released

another beta

Posted by Roman Hodek 2002-05-21

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